Three Years Later

In 2011 LaTanya and Donald were working hard, paying their mortgage, and looking forward to their son’s high school graduation in a couple of years. There wasn’t much left over once all the bills were paid, but that was OK.


Then both were laid off work in the same month. By the time Donald found employment, the bills were stacked quite high and they lost their home.


“We were living between efficiency motels and our car,” says LaTonya. She adds “it was very hard on us and difficult for our son.”


With assistance through our Homeless to Housing program, LaTonya and Donald got the boost they needed. A temporary housing subsidy allowed them to get into a decent rental home and get the breathing room they needed to get back on their feet. Just as importantly, they gained the financial knowledge to budget, save, and make good credit decisions.


Today they are thriving in their rental home, and are working towards their dream of once again owning a home. “Now when we see someone homeless, we know what they are going through and how to help,” says


“To this day, we still remember and use the knowledge we gained from Community Link,” says LaTanya.


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