Homeless to Housing

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Homeless to Rental Housing

If you are homeless, or on the verge of homelessness, we may be able to help through our Homeless to Housing program.

If you are in Mecklenburg County in most cases your first step is to go to one our communities’ three coordinated assessment sites to be connected to the best available shelter or housing resource for your situation.

We are not a shelter, nor do we house individuals in temporary living units. Rather, we identify a rental apartment or house in the community that you can realistically afford and that fits your individual or family needs. We help you move in and provide support that may include:

  • Temporary help paying your rent
  • Referrals to community resources to help with expenses such as groceries, child care, utility payments, transportation, and medical care.
  • Home visits from a professional housing team member to ensure you are on the path to housing stability.

After leaving our program you remain in your rental unit to sustain your own housing.

Our Homeless to Housing program spans several counties and includes varied services and eligibility depending on your location.

We help:

If you need help or have questions please contact us at 704-943-9490 or 800-977-1969 or by email.