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The 1929 Society is our annual recognition society for inspired donors who seek to generously share a higher level of multi-year annual financial support to Community Link. The name is a nod to the year in which our organization first opened – then as Travelers Aid.

See pictures from a recent 1929 Society event.

The commitment is $5,000, $2,500, $1,800 or $1,000 a year for three years.

As a member, we’d like to honor you through:

  • Name recognition in our administrative office.
  • Two registrations to our annual Sweet Escapes fundraiser.
  • Other exclusive events through the year.

Most important, you will be providing a sustaining stream of financial support to ensure the stability of Community Link. This translates into enabling thousands of individuals annually to obtain safe, decent and affordable housing across our region.

You can pledge online, download the printable 1929 Society Pledge Form, email Jessica Otto, or call 704-943-9512 for further conversation.

Thank you to our current 1929 Society Members:

Anonymous (2) John Lipe
Barbara & Robert Bernhardt Jack Marks
Shannon and Melissa Boone Levern McElveen
Jason Brafford Erik and Jessica Otto
Sarah Campbell Sarah R. Paris
Jamie and Stuart Christhilf R. Michael Ranson
Thomas L. Clark and Linda V. Bain Harold Rice
Margaret Cleveland Russ and Melanie Sizemore
Steve and Kathy Cummings Carla Chambers Stanback
Christy & Otis A. Crowder Theckla and Tate Sterrett
Floyd R. Jr., and Ann M. Davis Katherine L. Stewart
Melissa Geraghty Dunn Col. Roger F. Strand
Courtney M. Franco and Joe Franco Timothy M. Tate and Denna M. Tate
Randy and Gwendolyn Harris Wells and Alison Van Pelt
Tracey & A.D. Hembrick Bab and Tom Westall
David Jones Corey Wilhelm
Phillip and Dedria Kolb